For a non-academic vision of European history

The richness and diversity of European cultures constitute an extremely rich heritage for the creation of a European identity, the main objective for the construction of a peoples' Europe.

Personal stories teach us the importance of the details to get an anthropological view of places and social behaviours. At the same time, today there is a need to save everything that belongs to recent memory and that is not yet history.

Moving images are the most captivating sources of personal stories. They  include images produced by amateurs, filmed in private, where an intimate glance creates a fragment of  "minimum history".
The re-composition of a growing number of these fragments allows non-academic visions of contemporary history, which bring people closer through shared experiences, with a common syntax and a special use of language.


What are Home Movies?

Home movies consist of film material from the recent past, old reels of family film in 8mm, super8, 16mm and 9.5mm formats. These reels are often forgotten, confined to dusty attics or closed drawers.
They are short stories, but together they recompose the foundation of the European identity, which is anchored in a common history and culture.


The Europe Home Movies Net Project

The project aims to produce and distribute cine documentaries linked to the European identity produced by filmmakers from different European countries using material from home movie archives.

The project consists of:

- A public tender to select 12 filmmakers from all over Europe.
- A workshop with teachers and students from different countries about the production of cine documentaries on the European identity, starting from home movie material.
- A Film Festival on the European identity with a competition of cine documentaries produced by the filmmakers selected.
- A tour of Cine-Events on the European identity with the projection of cine documentaries.
- The promotion of the European identity through European schools, using the cine documentaries.